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Custom Made Furniture

Along with our designs and brands on offer, ROOM 99 can take your furniture ideas and turn them into reality quickly and easily.

See something you like? Need to make a few changes? Send us some details - we can work out a solution, price it for you and make it happen.

Our manufacturer, Ferndale Furniture Ltd, is one of the best custom furniture manufacturing businesses in the country. They’ve been around for over 30 years and excel at everything from mass production, through to intricately designed one off pieces.

Together we make up a team of friendly, clever and helpful people that can help you get your ideas moving. We can fit-out your home, office, bach - or build that cool piece of furniture you’ve always wanted.

We make all sorts of furniture, cabinetry and joinery from all kinds of materials. You can choose the timber, finish, paint colour, size, and every other design detail. Or take one of our designs, and change it to suit the look you want or the space you have.

Gather your ideas and measurements and drop us a line. You can scan an image, do a crazy sketch or describe your project any way you can, we will make sense of it and get back to you. Remember to give us an idea of size (height, depth, width) and material if you know what you would like (wood grain, paint finish, Melteca).

We look forward to hearing from you -


67 Seaview Road, Seaview, Wellington (Monday-Friday 10am - 3pm)