Charcoal Grill with Flat Lid

Simple and functional is this Charcoal Grill. Elegantly designed and made from solid stainless steel, inside and out, with a flat lid for storage. Place wood logs onto the glowing coals to convert to a bonfire, and enjoy a few more hours al fresco.

How it works:

  • Beneath the lid sits a coal bucket; this is where the grill is lit
  • After use, lift the coal bucket by its handle and empty ash
  • Convert to a bonfire with the addition of wood logs
  • Place flat lid (included) on top for storage
  • Two year warranty


  • Ash is easily removed from the grill using the coal bucket with its practical handle
  • Elegant design
  • Grill also functions as a bonfire
  • Measures 52.7cm dia (top) and 70cm high

Material: Stainless steel

Cover available (sold separately)

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