Parametric Design

Room99 employee and Wellington design student Barnaby Ward keeps us up-to-date with what's happening in the emerging design world. This week's blog features Parametric modelling.

"We have all at some point used a spreadsheet to solve a specific mathematical problem. Starting with values we are able to put these into the spreadsheet and alter them through formulas which updates other parts of the spreadsheet. We are instantly able to obtain complex results which can immediately be re-calculated by changing the original parameters.

This same idea can be mimicked in the design world (or in our case Furniture design) with the use of cad programs such as Rhinoceros 3D and a plugin called GrassHopper.

Grass hopper allows us to edit digital models through the use of algorithms which set parameters for the existing model and allows us to edit the size and shape of the unit. This essentially puts complete customisation of the product into the customers' hands and allows the user to customise furniture to suit their specifications.

Parametric design gives us an opportunity to allow for the adaptation and growth of mass-customisation and design (in particular furniture design). Parametric modelling puts the power of customisation into the hands of the user, allowing them to customise designs to suit their specifications and cutting out the middle man and human error when manufacturing our furniture.

This could be a suitable design model to be implemented in retail stores and custom joinery manufacturers. Parametric design offers a way of customising structures, joinery, furniture and construction - in a organic way.

Room 99 has been looking into parametric design as a path for the future and implementing it in a website based format allowing you to completely customise our furniture the way you want it!

Parametric Design is a new and exciting trend in the world of design - we'll keep you posted :)


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