Buying for the bloke in your life

Men can be tough to buy for. I feel kind of sorry for them in a way - if they even remotely show a slight interest in something, everyone in the family jumps in and buys them more of the same - so keen to get them something they like. Then they end up with 50 pigs in assorted mediums.... or 10 fishing rods in different colours... or enough wine paraphernalia to sink a ship. Take my husband for example. He loves motorbikes, windsurfing and old Chevys. In past years he has received model motorbikes, motorbike magazines, waterproof phone cases, fluffy dice and books on old american cars. Most of those gifts went 'straight to the pool room' and haven't been seen since.

We've tried to get together some interesting and useful things for the blokes in your life. The Junkyard Dog tees are a great example. Most guys will remember [with extreme fondness] the first car they learned to drive in / owned / lost-their-virginity-in / raced in / cherished. The Junkyard Dog range covers most Kiwi Classics and the tees are available in sizes ranging from medium to XXL. This year we're offering prints in selected models too, which will be arriving in late November. Check out our "For Him" section on our website for more ideas for your man. There's some great products there and more arriving every week.

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Lisa Delany
Lisa Delany