Finding the good stuff

After three years in a row, my friend Karen and I are relative newbies to Gift Fairs. But we're quick learners.

When the Room99 store became a reality back in 2012 and we needed homewares and accessories, we signed up for our first fair, and raced to Auckland armed with big handbags (would we need to carry lots of brochures?), water bottles (were there even any cafés?) and of course some Panadol (how sore were our feet really going to get?). Turned out that trying to take in your first fair in one day was a bit ambitious - but we did our best and at the end of the day like a couple of stunned mullets we staggered out of the exit, shuffled towards a taxi and returned to Wellington. We met some fabulous suppliers and sourced our some fantastic product to enhance our furniture range - Room99 was on its way.

This year, as in 2013, we visited the Melbourne Life Instyle fair. In my next blog I'll share our experiences there and some of the exciting new products we have coming to the store over the next couple of months. I have to say at this point that by quick learners, I meant we have now added NZ Pinot noir to our arsenal of equipment to assist with big days at Fairs!

Lisa Delany
Lisa Delany